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Fish With Feet is a full service communications company offering a wide range of services designed to help you advance your business or begin a new initiative. Fish With Feet, LLC is certified by the State of NJ as a WBE owned and controlled company, and is a registered NJ Small Business Enterprise.

  • Public Relations
  • Design Services (Print & Broadcast)
  • Advertising
  • Community Relations
  • Marketing and Brand Development
  • Media Training and Crisis Communications
  • Copywriting (releases, speeches, newsletters and e-blasts)
  • Media Database Development
  • Multimedia & Wire Services for News Distribution
  • Social Media

Public Relations

Public Relations is not just a press release with scripted follow-up phone calls to the media. Public Relations is identifying key media conduits, forming a relationship based on mutual professional respect, dependability and accuracy. Public Relations is about providing intelligence to targeted audiences, which stimulates interest. Public Relations builds and establishes your brand. It positions you in the mind of your desired audiences. It is third person credibility.

Fish With Feet is a member of your team, a strategic partner, your “missing link” to developing and implementing creative initiatives that are result driven.

Community Relations

Community relations is essential for any business. We recognize the tremendous importance of how your company is perceived in the marketplace and how that perception impacts brand management and your company's continued success. We create partnerships between our clients and community organizations, as well as make recommendations on organization memberships. Now more than ever, businesses are expected to take an active role in the improvement and continued well being of the greater community.


Marketing is more than a 2 for 1 offer and a catchy slogan. Marketing incorporates your objectives into programs that are designed with a clear understanding of your target audiences, which ultimately drives business resulting in a “sale.”

Research is key to understanding. Fish With Feet takes the time to do THE HOMEWORK. Research provides necessary intelligence. It is imperative in determining strategies and comprehensive programs to differentiate you from the competition.

Media Training and Crisis Communications

Media Training and Crisis Communications Planning are two of the most overlooked aspects of Public Relations until disaster strikes, or you just fumbled a crucial interview. Dealing with the media should be seen as a tremendous opportunity for you and your company to get your message out to hundreds of thousands of people. Take that opportunity, use it, the media is a conduit for your message. However like most things in life, preparation is everything and can make the difference between a powerful and positive interview and the world’s worst sound bite. We have the tools and the know how to prepare you and your key representatives to take control of an interview and achieve the desired results.

Whether it be a sudden crisis or a smoldering crisis, a well thought out communications plan that speaks to all of your key stakeholders will make a smooth recovery more likely as opposed to multiple news cycles of bad press. The time to plan for a crisis is not in the midst of one, plan ahead and you control the crisis instead of the crisis controlling you.

A well-crafted speech that incorporates your key messages while addressing a particular topic of interest to your audience can be a powerful positioning statement for any company and its executive leadership. Don't just swing, hit it out of the park with a professionally written speech that connects, inspires and better yet, sticks with your audience long after its over.

For media training consultation or speech preparation, please contact Fish With Feet for package options and pricing.

Event Strategists

A great event should generate a big buzz and get your message across. It’s that simple.
From concept to on-site coordination, Fish With Feet handles all the details. Whether it is a publicity stunt, or a signature event, flawless execution is a must.

Fish With Feet is an inspired member of your team, an extension of your office, a partner. Our method of operation is to work intelligently, resourcefully and efficiently with an eye toward driving business to your bottom-line.

Social Media

The Importance of Social Media

The name of our firm is not by accident. We knew years ago that emerging technologies were rapidly changing and businesses would need to evolve or be left behind. Many companies are just now beginning to understand the importance of social media and may be floundering in their attempts to move forward. Wondering; do we really need… or can we afford... may be a sign that you will soon be leaving the evolutionary pool.

Traditional methods of doing business now include understanding how your audience gets its information and the use of social media. Are they micro-blogging via Twitter or are they utilizing Facebook? Two of the most important words in social media are content and engaged. Providing relevant information and transparently communicating with your customers is how you will build brand loyalty and grow your business.

Fish With Feet understands social media and how to assist businesses in developing these critical relationships.

Tackle Box

When you want to catch fish, you have to use the right lure.

With Fish With Feet, you’ll get all the tools you need to maximize available resources needed to promote your business. The Tackle Box was designed with small businesses in mind and includes:

  • Discovery and information gathering
  • Defining and sharpening strategic objectives
  • Exploring and focusing brand positioning
  • Budgeting time invested in public relations, promotion and marketing efforts
  • A customized, 12-month comprehensive public relations and marketing communication program with schedules, tactics and tools for execution

The whole package comes at a price that won’t shock you – a plan for a year, for about what a month of retainer fees cost to the Fortune 500s.

Learn more – read the FAQ

It’s time to fish or cut bait.

Smart businesspeople know you can’t afford to cut back on promoting your business when the economy turns downward. With programs designed specifically for small business and pricing your company can afford – the Tackle Box makes doing the right thing easier in a tight market.

If your business is like most small businesses, chances are you’ve been thinking about ways to do more with less. This is your chance to get your PR and marketing communication plan right where it needs to be, at a price that won’t break the bank.

Call us today for a consultation...We provide a global overview to your specific needs!

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