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I know I need to promote my business, but where do I begin?

You’re not alone. Business development can seem like an expensive and mysterious dark art to the busy small business operator. You’re juggling enough balls in the air already, just keeping the place up and running! That’s where the Tackle Box comes in. We’ll take you through the process, navigating a journey for success, one step at a time. It’s manageable, it’s affordable … and it works.

Money’s tight. How can we afford to take on the expense right now?

You can, with the Tackle Box. And you must, if you want your business to prosper. Fortune 500 companies understand that promoting your business is critical to the operation’s success. And when the economy slows down, aggressive public relations and marketing communication becomes even more important to future profitability.

The same rules apply to small business. Fish With Feet makes it easy, seamless and economical. The Tackle Box provides a whole year’s plan, custom designed for your operation, for what the Fortune 500s pay for about a month’s worth of consultation.

When we need publicity, don’t we just send a press release to the local newspaper?

Nothing wrong with that. It might work in the short term and for a limited audience. But is it the right audience? Where are your potential new customers lurking? Maybe they don’t even read newspapers! Traditional print-based PR is only one piece of the total business expansion puzzle. We can show you the big picture – developing a comprehensive communication program designed to get results now – and build a solid future, at a price that doesn’t cause sticker shock.

Isn’t advertising expensive?

Often true. But we’re not talking about advertising. We’re talking about a global approach to public relations and marketing communication that fits your business, your audience and your budget. Advertising is only one lure in the Tackle Box. And we’ll only recommend it when it’s right for the situation. Fish With Feet doesn’t sell services our clients don’t need.

We already have a business plan. Why do we need this?

That’s a good thing. But it’s apples and oranges, comparing the business plan to the PR and marketing communication plan. The PR and marketing component should be a front-and-center element of your business plan, but they are not one and the same. The Tackle Box gives you the tools to make it happen.


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