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Ev-o-lu'shon, n. an unfolding, a development; an advance from a rudimentary condition to
one more complex and of higher character.

Step It Up

Fish With Feet Theories of Evolution

Fish With Feet approaches public relations, marketing and events in a way that is innovative, strategic and creative. To describe our services as “non-traditional” is so yesterday; we prefer to describe our capabilities as “evolutionary.”

1. Communication is complete only when two parties have listened and understood.

Listening and understanding a company’s objectives and goals are critical when developing the strategies within a plan. If the tactics are not designed to achieve the desired goal, the communication process was incomplete.

2. Relationships are the key to success.

Public Relations is not just a press release with scripted follow-up phone calls to the media. Public Relations is identifying key media conduits, forming a relationship based on mutual professional respect, dependability and accuracy. Public Relations is about providing intelligence to targeted audiences, which stimulates interest. Public Relations builds and establishes your brand. It positions you in the mind of your desired audiences. It is third person credibility.

Fish With Feet is a member of your team, a strategic partner, your “missing link” to developing and implementing creative initiatives that are result driven.

3. Knowledge is power.

Marketing is more than a 2 for 1 offer and a catchy slogan. Marketing incorporates your objectives into programs that are designed with a clear understanding of your target audiences, which ultimately drives business resulting in a “sale.”

Research is key to understanding. Fish With Feet takes the time to do THE HOMEWORK. Research provides necessary intelligence. It is imperative in determining strategies and comprehensive programs to differentiate you from the competition.

4. Make them remember you.

A great event should generate a big buzz and get your message across. It’s that simple.
From concept to on-site coordination, Fish With Feet handles all the details. Whether it is a publicity stunt, or a signature event, flawless execution is a must.

Fish With Feet is an inspired member of your team, an extension of your office, a partner. Our method of operation is to work intelligently, resourcefully and efficiently with an eye toward driving business to your bottom-line.

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